Why is there a demand for Marketing and Advertising Agencies to Use Kinect Games in the Philippines for Their Next Event?

Why is there a demand for Marketing and Advertising Agencies

Marketing and advertising agencies have squeezed out almost all of the potential conventional media has to muster. And most of them have become redundant at some point, not that they are not effective and what not. But, since consumers crave for something new to chew on and spend on, these agencies should really start investing on really good and fresh ideas.

And this is where Kinect games come in!

Kinect games in the Philippines have been the attraction of mall arcades, gathering a lot of people, giving the player the star treatment during his 60 seconds of fame. Probably the first time interactive technology like touch screen in the Philippines where smart devices became the new norm.

But Kinect games, in the Philippines, have more to offer! With companies like Waveplay Interactive exploring many more innovative uses specifically tailored to your brand, each experience is totally unique and brand centric. People nowadays crave for digital attractions, so what better way to talk to them discreetly, feed them the message about your products in a way they like, than through interactive Kinect games?

The sky is the limit in terms of the concept!

Now, while Kinect plays around fewer participants, companies like Waveplay Interactive also caters to bigger crowds with their Waveplay group gaming technology, with some applications they’ve done in a movie theater for a marketing event, company group games, and school activities. Imagine the lasting impression you’ll make, granting the participants a chance to play together as one human controller.

Insert Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybprcnwRczc

Technologies like Kinect games, Waveplay group gaming, and touch screens in the Philippines are just newly integrated into a massive scale. People used to be limited to PlayStations, Wii, tablet, and phone game apps but now, you can turn your audience into participants of a life size interactive arcade with a fully customized game just for your brand.

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