Where to purchase an affordable Toyota car in Broadway

Toyota cars are always a crowd favorite. They’re affordable, reliable, and work with both individual and family users. If you happen to be in need of a car that suits your needs and budget, then Toyota proves to be a practical choice.

There’s almost a Toyota dealership that you can find in every city, and if you’re living in Portland, Oregon, the best dealership to visit for models such as Corolla or Prius would be Broadway Toyota. Located at the heart of downtown Portland, this car dealership offers just about every Toyota model you are looking for-from sedans to SUVs to mini vans and compacts. And since it is located right in the downtown area, this dealership is surely one you’ll never miss.

At Broadway Toyota, you can come across not only various models, but also both brand new and pre-owned vehicles. This is actually a good deal since you’re not bound to spend a lot for a brand new, especially when you’re after a vehicle that you can use immediately and not intend to keep for a long-term. You can also make comparisons between a brand new and a pre-owned car during your visit, so that you can gauge which unit will work best with your budget.

Aside from the various models, both brand new and pre-owned, Broadway Toyota also offers different special packages. For example, they have a “college grad rebate” package, wherein approved applicants may enjoy no money down and monthly payments for the first 90 days on select programs on untitled Toyota vehicles, competitive APRs on all new Toyota units, and a $750 rebate on purchase or lease on select new untitled units. Aside from this package, the dealership also has other special offers to clients based on their needs and the type of vehicle they want to own.

Broadway Toyota likewise offers different ways for clients to own a vehicle. These include financing packages (for both buying and leasing), Toyota incentives, and prepaid maintenance, and options for those under bad credit. With this array of options and opportunities, having a Toyota car to use becomes easy and truly worry-free.

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