What to Remember When Looking For the Best Tree Service in Richmond Hill

What to Remember When Looking For the Best Tree Service in Richmond HillHaving trees around your home can both be a blessing and hassle. You do get a lot of pros, like shade, fruits, and a beautiful landscape, but the maintenance and care for these trees can be a bit time consuming. Luckily, you can hire a company that can do different tress services for you. From caring for your shrubs and trees to taking out stumps and trees, these companies can help lift the burden off your shoulders.

When looking for a tree service in Richmond Hill, there are a few things to keep in mind. Below are a few things to remember.


Always check the company’s license and credentials. Most cities or town require tree servicing companies to have licenses to operate because you can’t simply just uproot a tree without the correct permits. This ensures that the company is legitimate and that they know what they’re doing. Accidents and damages can happen if their employees aren’t trained properly. If the company can show you any legal documents or prof that they’re licensed, it’s definitely going to be an “enter at your own risk” deal.


Is the company insured? If they aren’t, then you might want to check out some other tree servicing company. A company that doesn’t have the right insurance coverage shouldn’t even be operating in the first place. Certain services, such as tree removal and storm damage clean-up, can be very dangerous. And it’s best that the company has liability insurance to guarantee that if damages ever happen to your possessions or home while they’re working there, the expenses are covered. Insurance for worker’s compensation helps to protect you, as well as the employees of the company, by covering injuries that employees may sustain while they work on your home or property. It also protects you against any lawsuits if anything happens while they’re on the job.

ReferralsWhat to Remember When Looking For the Best Tree Service in Richmond Hill

Always ask for referrals when looking for a tree service in Richmond Hill. Ask the company if they can point you to some past clients that have gotten similar work or projects done and ask them about their experience with the company. It’s your responsibility to know what you can expect with their service. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the staff, how long the job took to finish, the rates, and any other inquiries that you might have in mind. You can also go online to check on review on the company.

Charges and Estimates

The company should give you a list of their available services and how much they charge for each. You should also be informed about any added fees or charges on specific jobs. Ask about any special rates when you’re planning to have multiple tree services done. They should also be able to give you an official estimate of the job’s cost. If they’re slightly hesitant on this, it’s possible that they might cheat you off their services. You don’t want to end up hiring a company that’s going to add extra and hidden charges on your final bill. A simple hedge and shrub care job might end up costing you a fortune. Before you let them do any work on your property, make sure you and the company have agreed on a certain amount and this should be the only amount you pay them.


Does the company carry the equipment that’s suitable for the service you need? It’s important that you’re specific about what you want done on the trees in your property. The company might not even accept the particular job because they don’t have the special equipment needed for it. Go for tree service that’s up to date with their materials and equipment and offers a number of different services to assure you make the most of your choice.

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