What is Safety Training and Why it’s Important

In the workplace, safely should be one of the main priorities. Everyone should be aware of hazards that they can face while they’re doing their job. It’s also important that the management offers them the correct occupational safety and health training so the employees are knowledgeable about their responsibilities and the proper actions when it comes to maintaining safety in the workplace. Safety training in Oshawa should be something every employer and employee knows.

What is Safety Training and Why it�s Important

What is Safety Training?

Safety training is simply training materials that are designed to educate employees about health standards and occupational safety. These trainings follow strict regulations and standards that affect employees as well as employers. Safety and health professionals conduct these trainings which cover topics on environmental and occupational safety and health systems, which are integrated to the employee’s daily activities. Training topics also vary, depending on the specific requirements of the business.

What are the Workplace Hazards should we look out for?

There are basically four different types of workplace hazards. Physical hazards such as tripping hazards, spills, heights or scaffolding, working on ladders, vibrations, constant loud noises, unguarded machinery, just to name a few. These are the most common hazards that employees face. Ergonomic hazards happen when your work causes strain on your body and may end up affecting your health. Examples are frequent lifting, poor lighting, and improperly adjusted work chairs and tables. Chemical hazards happen when employees are exposed to chemical preparation, like fumes and vapors, solvents and cleaning products, gasoline, even gasses like carbon monoxide. Finally, biological hazards are hazards that come from being around infectious plants, animals, and even human excretion in work. Examples include bodily fluids like blood, animal droppings, and viruses and bacteria. Proper safety training in Oshawa should be able to cover all these health and occupational hazards to ensure that everyone works safely.

Who Needs It?

Everyone, there should be no exceptions. Although there are companies that offer specific trainings for contract workers, new hires, employees that wear personal protective equipment and especially employees who work in high risk areas. Supervisors and managers also have special training modules. Training of employees that have higher positions needs to have emphasis on how important it is for them to be visible in supporting the health and safety programs that their organization is applying to set an example. Managers and supervisors need to receive modules on company procedures and policies, along with hazard control and detection, incident report making and accident investigation, how to handle emergencies and hazardous situations, and how to reinforce safety training on employees. Long-term employees that are given new tasks or are transferred to other departments should also be given the proper safety training for that specific field.


Refresher trainings should also be given in a regular basis. Records should also be kept on the modules and lessons that were given to the employees. When new processes, technology, and equipment are added to the work area, employees should also be updated on how to go through them and the precautions needed to stay safe. Evaluations should also be done regularly to keep safety standards up to date. If there is a need for specific evaluation, consultations form safety professionals may be acquired.

Where to get Safety Training?

There are a number of groups which offers occupational, health and safety training in Oshawa. It’s important that you spend the time to meet with them and talk about the goals that you have to ensure employee safety. These groups have a team of safety and health professionals that can provide consultation, evaluation of workplace hazards, and specific modules that fits your business’s or organization’s needs.

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