The Technology of Nordfab Ducting Systems Ontario

Nordfab Ducting Systems Ontario

A duct is a method of transporting different types of items: dust, gas, liquid, and anything that can fit in it. Industrial plants always need different types of ducts for their industrial purposes. These ducts are also sometimes needed to make the other parts of the plant clean, as part of the maintenance routines.

This is where the Nordfab Ducting Systems Ontario is needed. Here is some information on what these systems are all about as well as their purpose in industrial plants.

What is Nordfab Ducting?

Nordfab ducting is a really great technology for industrial applications. In fact, this has become the new standard for industrial round duct applications. Nordfab ducting is made from the best materials and is actually the original laser welded clamp.

Nordfab ducting is known for its reusability and adaptability. This means you can just clamp this duct together with the other existing ducts in your plants and it will fit perfectly. You can install these items at half the time as your usual conventional ducting: you can assemble these ducts together in mere seconds.

Nordfab ducting is great for wet or oily type of mists and abrasive applications that is why it is at home in industrial applications.

How does it work?

The Nordfab ducting systems Ontario is best compared to a vacuum cleaner. While vacuum cleaners suck in dust and particles at home, the Nordfab dusting system vacuums the dust and particles that are created from the machine that it is connected to. The duct is the hose that will draw away the dust from the machine. The dust collector which is also connected to the ducting system is where the dust is filtered and the clean air will be returned to the building or just release it outside to the atmosphere.

In other words, it’s basically just a very big vacuum cleaner designed for large-scale applications. Of course, it is highly adaptable so it can be used in many other applications as well in addition to acting as a dust management system for industrial machines.

Two Types of Dust Collection Ductwork

There are two types of ductwork for this system. The first one is the flexible hose duct, which is simply a rubber or a plastic hose with a metal grounding helix. This helix must always be grounded at each end. The reason for this is to keep the static electricity from building up and generating dangerous sparks.

The hose is actually more useful for some short runs like a machine connection. This is because of its rough interior and floppy nature. The material causes a lot of static pressure loss, which will mean higher energy use and will even result in poor system performance, not to mention higher bills.

The other ductwork is the hard, fixed dust collection ductwork. This is usually constructed out of either plastic, galvanized, or stainless steel. Of course, the material to be used will still depend on the application that the ducting system will be designed for. This is great for long runs, but the cost can be quite steep for the business.

The Nordfab ducting system Ontario can definitely be an advantage for your dust collection needs in your plant. It is quite adaptable, easy to attach, and it functions just like any other duct that you might have already installed. This is perfect when you’re about to replace old parts that have succumbed to wear and tear, or accidents that might have happened inside the plant. This makes the Nordfab ducting system quite a good investment and a great technology to upgrade your industrial plants to.

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