The Outcome of the Canada’s Advance Polls

Canada Election

According to the Elections Canada, approximately 3.6 million voters participated in the advance polls that lasted four days. The polls took place on Friday to Thanksgiving Monday. The number of voters increased by 71 per cent compared with the advance polls during 2011.

Many voters raised concerns with irregularities issues that emerged during the polls, such as information on voter’s card, long queues and inadequate staffs. Others voters got upset on niqab argument to put on face masks and in some cases a potato sack to vote. According to the rules of Elections Canada, voters can cast their votes with a face covering so long as they take an oath to declare their eligibility. They should also submit two IDs, where one must have the current address.

According to polls, if elections were done today, it would be a toss-up between the conservatives and the liberals. But with elections being held in a week’s time, there will be so much time to shift significantly the voting intentions.

The success of the pilot project

With an aim of helping voters, Elections Canada set up a pilot plan that opened temporary offices at selected Universities and Community Centers all over the country. On Tuesday, the agency reported that about 70,231 people registered and cast their votes in those offices. This was a huge success of the pilot project. According to Elections Canada, their main objective is to make sure that all Canadians interested in casting their vote has the right opportunity to do so.

Through a statement, Marc Mayrand, the Chief Electoral Officer said that he was pleased with the success of the pilot plan since over 70,000 voters participated at the select offices. It is also estimated that about 26 million Canadians are eligible to vote during the general election to be held on Monday, Oct.19.

The news was initially reported on CBC News.

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