Team Building Ideas for Companies

Are you starting to notice a drop in moral around the office? Are your people beginning to get bored at work? If so, a team outing just might be what the doctor ordered.

Team building activities or outings are a great way to encourage bonding between the members of your team, enhancing cooperation, reducing stress, and ultimately, boosting productivity.

And besides, they can be really fun.

However, if you run a Google search for team outings, the first results will probably show images of trust falls, personal development exercises, and more. Nothing wrong with these activities, but it’s likely your team may end up dreading your plans.

Team Building Ideas for Companies

 Here are some ideas that put the fun in team building.
  1. Karaoke

If you want your employees to shed their shyness and show their inner selves, karaoke is what you need. You can even take things a notch higher by holding a contest for the best group or individual karaoke song, with bonus points for props and whatnot.

To keep things safe, be sure to check if your team is actually open to the idea of karaoke night. If not, try another idea that meshes more with their personalities.

  1. Indoor Amusement Centres

London has a few indoor amusement centres that offer a wide range of indoor activities. Places like Fleetway offer a variety of activities perfect for large groups of staff, from bowling, mini golf, billiards/pool, wall climbing, and more. You can also arrange to have food provided for everyone, allowing you to maximise your stay.

If your team members have a mix of interests, these amusement centres offer something for everyone.

  1. Go Karting

Give your team a surge in adrenaline with a day of go karting! There’s nothing like speed and a little competition to help shed your team’s inhibitions. Just make sure your employees actually listen to the safety briefing.

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