Sports Massage Therapy Benefits and Why Athlete Should Try It

Whether you’re a professional athlete or someone who regularly hits the gym, it’s important that you also spend time letting your muscles relax after going through rigorous physical activities. Playing sports and working out does build your muscles, but working them too much might end up with you hurting yourself. There are a number of ways to help your body relax. One of the best ways would be to go to a sports therapy in Thornhill for a therapy session. A professional massage therapist will ease your aching muscles and even teach you tips on how to avoid injury the next time you do sports.

Here are a few sports massage therapy benefits for people who don’t really know what to expect from these sessions.


Massage therapy may improve your flexibility. In any sport, it’s important that you are able to move easily in all directions to reach optimal performance. Massage therapy can help stretch your muscle fibers, which can promote and maintain your flexibility. Intense or high volume training cycles, as well as consistent activity, usually leads to a lot of muscle tension. This could affect collagen scar tissues which are still healing and developing. Also, this can disturb adhesions where tissues, fascia and other muscles stick together. The result is a reduction in flexibility which can increase your chances of injury. Sports therapy in Thornhill can help reduce this tightness and even out the pressure in the muscle.


Blood flow is important. It keeps oxygen going through our system, our muscles heal faster, and it also carries the nutrients we need throughout the body. Massage therapy can improve how our blood circulates. With this, we are able to breathe easier, as well as move smoothly. Rigorous physical activities and heavy training may result to micro-trauma or microscopic damage on the tissues and muscles. This damage needs to be repaired through increased blood flow. Since massages help blood flow, circulation is improved and healing of the damaged tissues and muscles is sped up.

Pain Reduction

One of the biggest problems that athletes, and even regular people who work out, often complain about is the muscle pain experienced after trainings. Sports massage therapy can help alleviate muscle pain, whether it’s caused by injury or overwork. Going through a game with an aching back, leg, or arm will not only stop you from preforming your best, but it can even cost you a win. Acute or chronic pain unavoidably affects athletes and psyches them out. Feeling pain means that something is not right and that it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Massages are often part of the needed therapy.

Sleep Improvement

Another big help when it comes to muscle healing and overall health is to get enough sleep. Sleep plays a very big part in the process of recovery. Massage and sports therapy in Thornhill can help promote improved sleep patterns and minimize sleep disorders. It can even improve the quality and quantity of sleep. Getting more rest and a deeper sleep can help athletes preform their best. People who go to sleep in a high tension states often end up waking in the middle of the night, have a hard time actually reaching that deep REM sleep, or wake up too early. Massages can help reduce that tension and help you sleep better.


The biggest benefit that sports massage therapy offers is physical and mental relaxation. By going through deep tissue massages once or twice a week, athletes keep their tissues and muscles healthy, clear their minds, and just relax. Going through training is both physically and mentally stressful. Massages can sooth your body, as well as your mind. It’s your time to relax and just unwind from all the pressures that you go through.

Sports Massage Therapy Benefits and Why Athlete Should Try It

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