Benefits of Planting Trees in Your Backyard

Benefits of Planting Trees in Your Backyard

There is a popular children’s book entitled The Giving Tree, authored by Shel Silverstein. It talks about a tree who loved a boy and in each stage of his life, the tree gives the boy a part of herself to make him happy. While she slowly loses parts of herself, the boy creates a life for himself using the gifts that the tree gives him. Eventually, the tree ends up as an old stump, with nothing more to give. The story ends with the boy as an old man, leaning against the tree to rest, and “they were both happy.”

Much like the tree in the story, trees in real life also give much of themselves for use. Here are some of the benefits we can get from trees and tips on how to care for them in return:

Benefits of Planting Trees

Reduce Flooding

Benefits of Planting Trees in Your Backyard

Chances of flooding are greatly reduced when you have trees because its roots dig deep into the soil. This creates a space between the soil particles and rain is drained into that space.

Improve Property Value

Benefits of Planting Trees in Your Backyard

According to previously conducted studies, the presence of a mature tree in a property could increase its value upto 15%. Mature trees could also be appraised to about $1,000 to $10,000. This may be because, as a study by Coder discovered, large trees are the single most important indicator of attractiveness and beauty in a property.

Provide Food

Benefits of Planting Trees in Your Backyard

Fruit-bearing trees will provide you with fresh, organic, and delicious fruits that you could pick as soon as they are ready. You can only imagine how much money you can save on groceries by having your own fruit trees in your backyard.

How to Care For Your New Tree in Bradford, Ontario

Contrary to popular belief, trees need more than just water and sunlight to survive. There are proper tree-caring practices that you must observe if you want to have healthy trees in your backyard. One way to make sure your trees are strong and healthy is to avail of tree services in Bradford or around your area.


Benefits of Planting Trees in Your Backyard

Immediately after it is planted, a tree must be watered to settle the soil and to reduce air packets. During its first three years, it is up to you to make sure that your tree gets enough water. After that, trees no longer need to be watered except in cases of extreme drought. Note that both under-watering and over-watering are harmful to any plant.


Benefits of Planting Trees in Your Backyard

Mulch is any organic material, like leaves and shredded bark, that is placed around the base of the tree. This is done to make sure that ground surrounding the tree is kept moist and cool. Mulching also makes sure that no other plant or weed grows around the area where your tree is growing.


Benefits of Planting Trees in Your Backyard
Pruning of trees with secateurs in the garden

During the first three years of a tree, only damaged, diseased, and dead branches should be removed. Trees are best pruned from late fall until early spring as there are no leaves.

Trees are the unsung heroes in the world. They go unnoticed until they’re gone. Trees play a significant role in the preservation of the environment. Plant a tree today, both to enhance the appeal of your property and to aid the global efforts to save the planet.

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