Personal Injury Lawyers in Richmond Hill Fighting Issues Surrounding Surrogacy


Personal injury lawyers in Richmond Hill challenge many types of cases and at some point will probably take on disputes arising between surrogate mothers and the natural parents of the child they chose to carry.

Personal injury lawyers in Richmond Hill are watching while the country has been drowning in cases tackling the most recent big issue. This new issues involves surrogate motherhood and the legal issues that surround the matter. Fights over the whole process of insemination, surrogate compensation, child custody, selective reduction and the legal parenting rights of egg and semen donors. Just like family law, personal injury law handles even more types of complex and sensitive issues that could easily erupt into legal battles.

Aborting one of a set of twins is the center of another disagreement. The English surrogate mother and her lawyer claim the California parents waited until the 13th week of pregnancy to ask for a selective abortion of one of the twins she was carrying. Her claim was that the request should have been made much earlier in the pregnancy. This caused major physiological and physical harm since the request cause stressed to the surrogate mother.

Still another lawsuit resulting from a rift between the parents of a child delivered using a surrogate. She married a man who convinced her to hire a surrogate to give birth to his child which she was supposed to raise as its mother. Instead, she divorced her husband and is now accusing him of using the child to gain ongoing child support payments from her.

These are examples of the types of complex disputes that could result from laws being formed to settle surrogacy and child custody disputes that are causing harm to both parties. Personal Injury lawyers in Richmond Hill are aware of the fact that the contracts are not iron clad and the rules from state to state vary enough to allow parties a shield from the law.

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