Mini Putt in London Offers Unimaginable Fun for All Ages


Mini Putt in London is fun! It takes the same rules, but applies them to a smaller more child friendly course. Families and friends of all ages can join in on the fun courses, too!

The walkways are covered with strobe lights bringing back some of those disco memories. All of the courses and obstacles are lit up. All ages and group sizes can play. This is indeed an awesome mini putt in London.

Mini golf is a fun activity for friends and family of all ages to have friendly competition. This activity takes the dynamics of golf and shrinks them so that players can be more determined by seeing the finish line from the starting putt. Each course has a different layout. There are some with bumps, hills, and different obstacles that the putter has to maneuver around. Watch out for those ponds of water!

Each player that pays to play will get a putter that comfortably fits their height and a small golf ball in the color they want. There are many different colors of golf balls. Mini golf places will usually have white, black, yellow, pink, red, etc. Just don’t pick the same color as the other players in your group.

There are usually many different types of game modes to play. The players involved can use their imagination to play the way they want. There are no officials stopping the creative energy. At the end of the game the goal is to have the lowest points just like regular golf, but there is plenty of freedom to choose which courses to play and where to position the ball. You just pay one fee to do all 18 courses.

Many courses play during the day with the lights on, but ever imagine what it would be like to play on a glow in the dark course? Right? Who would want to play in a Mini Putt in London that glows in the dark?


image source: Artist Designed Mini Golf Returns

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