Making Long-Distance Relationships Work

Making Long-Distance Relationships Work

Long-distance relationships are challenging. In fact, many people believe that most long-distance relationships are never going to work. The distance and the inability to see each other as often as desired — even in spite of all the available technological advances that have made communication easier — can be frustrating and disheartening. While this is no easy feat, it can still work — no matter what naysayers may lead you to believe. It takes some planning, creativity, and communication.

Here are several tips to help improve and make long-distance relationship work:

● Set up a healthy communication routine

Making Long-Distance Relationships Work

Talking with your significant other helps both of you figure out how to make a long distance relationship work. Make sure to discuss your communication routine basics as a couple. Agree on:

– communication method (e.g. phone, Skype, text)
– what time (and stick to it as much as possible)
– how long

Setting a realistic expectation helps avoid miscommunication, anxiety, and frustration. Take the time to greet each other “good morning” and “good night” every day. Update each other about what happened during the day or week, no matter how mundane the details. You can also send photos, audio, or video clips from time to time.

● Avoid excessive communication

Making Long-Distance Relationships Work

It is unhealthy to overly possessive with your loved one. It is important to understand that you do not need to stay on the phone and talk 12 hours a day to keep your relationship working. This does not compensate for the distance between you two. In fact, excessive communication can cause problems and make things worse.

● Do things together

Making Long-Distance Relationships Work

Who says you cannot do things together when you are apart? You can play an online game together or watch your favourite TV series or movie at the same time.

● Take time to surprise your partner

Making Long-Distance Relationships Work

Most people love receiving presents, a bouquet of flowers, or a handwritten love letter. Taking time to send your partner something special can make them feel loved and valued.

● Stay loyal

Making Long-Distance Relationships Work

Do not put yourself in a situation where you are likely to be tempted to cheat. Take for instance; hanging alone with an attractive coworker on a weekend or going out to bars with your friends and drinking a lot of alcoholic beverages. Make sure to know your limits.

● Make time to visit each other

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One of the key factors of a happy long-distance relationship is making an effort to see each other in person. Although you may be thousands of miles apart, you can still visit each other without breaking the bank. Spending quality time together helps you rekindle and strengthen your feelings.

It’s natural for people to want to spend most of their time and share every special moment with their loved ones. However, due to certain life circumstances — be it school, work, or other personal issues — it may become necessary to spend months or maybe even years away from a loved one. This does not mean that we have to turn our backs on them and abandon the relationship. In fact, spending some time apart may present both of you an opportunity to strengthen your bond. Making it work in spite of those miles is completely and utterly possible.

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