Leading Causes of a Transmission Failure

Leading Causes of a Transmission Failure

Undoubtedly, the transmission system is one of the most integral and structurally complex components of the car. Also known as the gearbox, this piece of machinery connects the engine to the wheels. Its main function is to transmit power from the engine to the drive mechanism.

There are two types of transmission systems used in vehicles: manual and automatic transmission. Both are used to convert engine speed into torque. However, no matter what type of transmission you have, they require proper care and maintenance to keep optimal performance. However, there are certain things we may be unaware of that can damage the health of the transmission, which can be expensive to repair. If you want to prevent potential damage and costly repair, make sure to avoid the following:


Leading Causes of a Transmission Failure


  • Overheating your vehicle

Most automatic transmission can only operate at a maximum of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, many car owners continue to drive their vehicles despite overheating. Additionally, taking action to repair overheating by themselves can worsen the problem. Constantly refilling old cars with coolant can have detrimental effects on both engine and transmission.

  • Using too little or too much transmission fluid

Transmission fluid is used to lubricate the system’s internal parts to keep them running smoothly. Driving a vehicle with low transmission fluid can increase the friction between the transmission parts, which can lead to overheating and eventually system failure.


Leading Causes of a Transmission Failure


  • Shifting or reversing without coming to a full stop

This is one of the major causes of transmission failure. Despite the advanced technology used in automatic transmission and engine systems, it is always crucial to put the vehicle to a complete stop before shifting or reversing. The automatic transmission works differently from the manual gearbox because it is designed for rigid and linear operation, while the latter allows you disengage the clutch anytime.

  • Not using the parking brake

Automatic transmission systems are not designed to hold the vehicle in place, especially when parked in inclined areas. When parking your car, the entire weight of the car is held in place by a “pawl”. Many car experts recommend using the handbrake to take away the extra pressure and prevent strain on the transmission.


Leading Causes of a Transmission Failure


  • Stopping the car abruptly

Putting the car into a sudden stop can damage the drivetrain parts, such as the engine and transmission mounts. If you accidentally put the car into an emergency stop, have the mounts thoroughly checked by a professional auto repairman if you noticed any signs of transmission failure.

  • Using incorrect fluid type

Using the wrong type of fluid for a long time can potentially kill your transmission system. Keep in mind that the fluid used in manual transmission is different from that of the automatic. Talk to a car servicing professional on how to choose the correct transmission fluid for your car.

There are many transmission repair services in Whitby. However, narrow down your choices by researching or reading the customer feedbacks in their websites or ask referral from friends or family. Having a right knowledge of the things to avoid can ensure the optimal performance of your car transmission system.

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