How to Style Yourself from Head to Toe with Hair Wax

Blond-haired man having a haircut
Blond-haired man having a haircut with scissors

Maintaining your on point style is easy when you have the right mindset for it, be it winter, spring, summer or fall. But with summer coming along faster than a speeding bullet, you might want to start curating your closet and start planning what to pack for that much awaited beach getaway or summer frolic in the mountains.

Let’s start with your head. Before doing or adding anything to it, always know that a clean hair is essential in keeping it from drying or getting too much damage from the sun. Apply coconut oil on it most especially if you plan to go outdoors. But don’t add too much as it can make your hair greasy and cause build up on your scalp. Just use 2 small drops and apply. You can add more drops on your hand as you go.

To keep your hairstyle on point, choose a hair product that does not have a greasy finish but still able to withstand the harsh day without drying your hair out. Stuff like Grips Hair Wax or Grips Hair Clay are great choices for any guy planning a great summer escape.

For your skin, always have a good bottle of sun block with a 30 and above SPF to keep your skin healthy and away from the effect of the sun’s harsh UV Rays that can cause major sunburn. Also, rinse yourself thoroughly from sea and pool water as it can dry your skin. Apply moisturizer after to help lock in and increase the moisture levels to avoid pealing. No amount of fashion can compensate for a bad skin day.

For your wardrobe choices, stick with loose cotton clothing to promote airflow throughout your body to keep its temperature in check. Rash guards and swimming suits are also great choices. These types of clothing also don’t retain much water when wet so you won’t be pulled down after taking a plunge. Choose shorts over jeans on beach outs so you can move freely, unless you opt for those super light cotton chinos. Pair these with a classic tee, racerback or even an opened buttoned-up and you’re good to go.

For headwear, go light and natural with the materials. There are woven fedoras and even sarongs that can cover you from the sun without being too heavy or too much for the day. Also, keep sunglasses near you as the sun can glare your vision out. You can’t really appreciate the view if you can’t see well right?

That covers pretty much everything. If you’ve got these basics on hand, we’re sure you’re good to go for the summer. Oh! Don’t forget your hair wax or hair clay, okay? Don’t want to lose style points with messy hair.

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