How to Pick the Best Car Rental in Cebu for Your Escapade

You already planned out your itinerary with your friends and you already got the best (and, sometimes, the cheapest) flights and booked the hotel. You’re forgetting something aren’t you? Well, how about your transportation? You might be thinking to just wing it and get one once you get there and that’s cool, but do know that if you’re planning this trip during a specific season when the demand is high, it’s smarter to reserve one in advance! But, how do you choose the best car rental in Cebu for your escapade? Especially when there is a lot of transport services in Cebu. Here’s how:


Check out the ones that give you the best buck for your money. There are some that have hidden charges or are actually overpriced. Compare the pricing between another car rental in Cebu. If the vehicle is exactly the same, why bother with the pricier one? But do take precaution with going for the cheapest one; it could be cheap for a reason.


Go for a car rental that gives you plenty of vehicle choices to choose from. This way, you’re not just stuck with something by default. Check out each vehicle on their service page and examine the specs. Does it have enough seating for all you? Does it have enough space for your luggage and other stuff? Does it come with a GPS? Things like that can actually make or break your trip.


Ultimately, research is always the key to a successful trip. You should put as much effort to getting the best possible car rental as you did with finding those flights and destinations. Sometimes, the journey is as important as the destination so don’t do it haphazardly.

Once you get the best rental for this trip, you’re all set! Now, all you need to is to wait for the date and off you go! Oh yeah, don’t forget your camera!

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