How to Make Awesome Artsy Pillows with Rubbing Alcohol

Art is really fun, most especially if you let your imagination and innovative spirit run wild just enough for you to discover something awesome from something that you didn’t even think about. Take rubbing alcohol, for example. Did you know that it has more to it than just your everyday protection from germs and disease-causing bacteria? Rubbing alcohol is a great tool in creating art. Yes, ART! Who knew right?

So we did let our imaginations and innovative spirits run wild and scoured the universe to check out the best art ideas using it.

What you need:

For this, you will need a plain white pillow case, preferably cotton or other absorbent material, cardboard/plywood that fits the pillowcase (to avoid staining the back part of the pillowcase), Sharpies of your colors of choice, a design in mind, and a spray bottle or a pipette (water-dropper) filled with isopropyl alcohol, like Alcoplus.

Great tip: If you’re leaning towards a more geometric route with the design, try using painter’s tape or electrical tape to guard the areas you don’t want color on. If you’re going for the tie-dye effect, then rubber bands are your best tool to use.  

Doing it:

After putting the cardboard/plywood inside the pillowcase, you can now start by sketching your design out on it. Make sure to really saturate the color as much as you want to appear because the alcohol will disperse the pigment from the marker on the pillow case. The key here is concentration. If you want to make the colors really pop, then really get into it. If you’re going for more of a pastel look, go easy on the pens.

Once you’re done, spray the rubbing alcohol on the pillowcase and watch the magic happens. But do spray strategically as you still want to design to be visible. Do little sprays on intervals until you achieve the look you want. What you’ll end up with is similar to the watercolor pillows you see on furniture stores.

You can also use a pipette to create more of a tie-dye effect on it. After putting the cardboard, start your design process. Then after that, can use rubber bands and create restrictions on the pillowcase where you want the color to spread

Once you’re satisfied with your design, let it dry completely and iron it out after. And viola!

Oh yeah! We tried this idea on t-shirts and they work awesomely!

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