How to Look Good with Hair Wax or Hair Clay When in School

School may have already started but there are still some guys finding it hard to look good while following their school’s guidelines (of which some schools are very strict in implementing) when it comes to haircuts and hairstyles. Some schools are not a big fan of the Mohawk and other styles but there are ways to actually look your best in front of the whole school without violating them.

The classic barber cut can be upgraded if you just have the right product for the job and the appropriate hairstyle to pair it with. Start by rubbing between your palms a coin size dollop of your fave hair wax or hair clay and apply it to your hair with an upwards motion; then, using your fingers, direct it to your preferred side. This creates height without being too high for school. Hair wax and hair clay are great options because they won’t get too greasy while you get active in school, most especially during P.E.

For those guys who love to keep their length mid to long, try a faded undercut and a minimum trim on the ends. This hairstyle keeps length while cleaning the sides. For this style and look, you can choose hair clay, like Grips Hair Clay Easywash, because of the matte finish and maximum hold. Apply the product on your palms and rub to spread it evenly. Then apply the hair clay on your hair with a sweeping motion to the back and you’re done.

It’s not really that hard to find ways to work around the rules instead of breaking them. Just keep rocking bro and you’re all set!

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