Globe costumer looking for some clear clarifications

A costumer named Brian Cinco posted a complaint on Facebook, to disseminate a misleading product selling of Globe Telecom.

“Hi Globe, I subscribed to your Bandwidth 2,999 plan at 80GB, and you said that it has a free 50GB good for 3 months, but then after, out internet connection slowed down. I had the feeling the Bandwidth has reached its limit” He stated in his post.


Talking to the customer support of the said network, Cinco was confirmed that their Bandwidth plan subscription has indeed reached its limit  of 80GB, he was shocked because the plan offer supposedly has a free 50GB which the customer support denied having the promo, they said that it is only applicable to DSL subscribers.

Bandwidth is a rate of data transfer, usually measured in bits per second (bps). With a higher bandwidth or more bits per second, you will be able to do things faster on the internet. For example, if you download a video, it will come out more smoothly. If you like to chat, your messages will come and go more quickly. If you play online games, you will be able to move your character faster than if you were using a connection with a lower bandwidth.

The seller of the product has an email address of “”. The company said to him that is was a 3rd party seller and is not handled by globe anymore.

“The Operator said to me, that it was a third party seller and it is not handled by globe anymore” Cinco added.

He wanted to hear some clear answers from Globe and he wanted them to respond to this problem immediately.



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