Features of the Best Glow Bowling Alleys in London Ontario

Going out with your friends and family to the movies can be a bit boring, not to mention expensive. Why not try something different, like bowling. Bowling has been around for some time,it’s even said that the sport has been played in the Roman Empire and Ancient Egypt. The game is pretty simple. You just need to knock down the pins at the other end of the lane. Whoever gets the highest score, wins. It’s a fun activity for everyone. Even the kids will enjoy it.

Instead of going to a regular bowling alley to play, check out glow bowling in London Ontario. Also known as a cosmic bowling, these alleys are designed with laser, disco, runway, and black lights that give the alley an interesting, fun, and lively look. Some alleys even have fog machines and play dance music to really amp up the fun factor. It’s an exciting experience that your friends and family will love.

Here are a few things to look out for when you’re looking for glow bowling alleys.

Business Hours

Look out for alleys that are open for business in extended hours. You might want to go bowling after a late night over time session at work or school. Some establishments stay open until the wee hours of the night to cater to those night owls that still want to have fun after midnight. You should also be mindful about weekend operations. Some alleys open early and close late only during the weekends to accommodate more customers.


Bowling alleys charge by the hour. Certain alleys offer weekly promos that allow you to rent an alley for less than their regular rate. They often base these rates with the time and date. Some alleys offer a different morning, afternoon, and evening rate. The weekends and midweeks also have different charges. You can also find promos and discounts though their websites or social media pages. Renting the alley as a group may also give you a discount. Membership cards are also available in most glow bowling alleys in London.


If it’s your first time to go bowling, don’t panic when they ask you to take off your shoes. You need special bowling shoes before you can start playing. Some people think that these shoes are just for show, but they actually do have a purpose. These shoes help with your stability, let’s you slide better, and the sole doesn’t damage the alley. Bowling alleys let you rent out shoes so you don’t have to buy your own pair. Check the shoes and how they’re maintained. Make sure that they’re clean and always put on a pair of socks before wearing the shoes.

Other Features

Does the establishment offer other entertaining features like a dance floor? What about food and drinks? The glow bowling alley should offer other services that will make the most of your visit. Look for a place where you can dance, eat, and drink the night or day away. Some glow bowling alleys in London also have billiard tables, an arcade, a game room, and even a rock wall where everyone can have fun.

Group Specials

As mentioned earlier, you may get a discount or a special rate if you come to the bowling alley with a group. Group specials allow you to rent your own lane, have food served, and even get special access to the other fun features and games offered by the bowling alley. This can even be an option for company and team outings. For bowling enthusiast who joined bowling leagues, there are alleys that welcome different teams for friendly competition, even hosting their own bowling tournament.

Features of the Best the Best Glow Bowling Alleys in London Ontario

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