Editing Tips to Make Your Essay Stand Out

Editing Tips to Make Your Essay Stand Out

Most find it a struggle to compose an engaging essay each time they write one. While it can be quite difficult to come up with a perfect copy on the first draft, effective editing is a great way to polish your write-up. While most people think that editing only includes correcting the punctuation, spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and choice of words, effective editing is a long process that includes other vital tasks (proper organization of ideas, critical thinking, and restructuring).

Often, the ability to edit and polish an article can affect the writer’s credibility and authority. Editing your essay can make a huge difference between getting a good grade and a brilliant one. Although writers procrastinate — they are considered some of the worst procrastinators — it would not hurt to spend an extra 15 to 20 minutes to re-read and re-edit until you are satisfied and confident with your work:

Listed below are some smart tips to keep in mind when editing your own writing:

Avoid Using Empty Filler Words or Grammar Expletives

Professional writers do not recommend writing sentences that begin with words like it, there and here and followed by a to-be verb. Using grammar expletives can weaken your writing, because they shift away the focus from the true drivers of the sentence. Also, empty filler words may require support words, such as who, which, when, that. However, using support words can further weaken your article.

Shorten or Cut Long Sentences into Two

Editing Tips to Make Your Essay Stand Out

Although most long sentences are grammatically correct, they may contain a lot of ideas. Readers may end up having a hard time absorbing these ideas since it fails to provide a break. This can make the readers lose interest.

Choose and Stick to One Voice

Depending on the situation, using both the first and second person voice is necessary. However, the thought of the entire post may become confusing for the readers. Expert writers recommend sticking to using either “I” or “you” throughout your write-up.

Use Action Verb

Editing Tips to Make Your Essay Stand Out

Certain uses of to-be verb can potentially dilute the words that follow. The best solution to avoid this problem is to replace them with an action verb. Let us take the following before and after examples

Example 1:
Weak: He is aware that the audience enjoys his show.
Strong: He knows the audience enjoys his show.

Example 2:
Weak: I am working to support my family.
Strong: I work for my family.

Avoid Repetition of Words or Ideas

Editing Tips to Make Your Essay Stand Out


Most people do not realize they’re repeating the same word or idea when they write. However, re-reading and editing will allow you to spot the repetitions before the reader does. If a certain word is repeated a few times, use a thesaurus and look for appropriate synonyms to substitute the word.

Do Not Depend on the Spellcheck

Using a spellcheck software helps take away some of the burden of spotting typos, incorrect spelling and punctuation, and minor grammar errors. Unfortunately, it fails to highlight every single error in your essay and may not be able to detect if a sentence structure is incorrect.

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