Dog Food from Georgetown Helps Keep Your Dog Properly Fed

An obese pet is an unhealthy pet and dog food from Georgetown can help keep your dog healthy, happy and at the right weight with nutritious and delicious food.

As animal lovers, we tend to show our love for our pets through food. The more we love them, the bigger they get, and that’s not always a good thing. Use these feeding tips to keep your dog properly fed.

Feed Twice a Day

Adult dogs should be fed twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Puppies will need to be fed more often, typically four times a day. Leaving the food bowl out for your dog all day promotes over-eating and leads to unwanted weight gain.

How to Feed

Pour the selected variety of dog food from Georgetown into a designated bowl and place it on the floor. Always using the same bowl will teach the dog that is his bowl and other plates/bowls are not meant for him to eat from.

Leave the bowl on the floor in front of your dog for 10 minutes or until all food is gone. Most dogs will start trying to eat the food before the bowl can be placed on the floor, but some dogs are picky eaters and won’t touch the food.

That’s when the 10 minute time limit helps to teach your picky eater to not be so picky. Remove the food bowl after 10 minutes, even if your dog has not eaten. Do not offer any more food until the next feeding time. Your picky-eating canine will soon get the message and be ready to eat his nutritious dog food from Georgetown.

Snack Time

Snack time can be made into an exercising fun time for your dog when you place dog food into a puzzle ball or similar dog toy. Dogs must work to get the snack food out of the toy, so it provides stimulation for the dogs mind and body. The inner food treat will keep him motivated, active and mentally engaged for hours.

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