CNN Fictap: Tap a pose!

I recently visited the 16th FICTAP Exhibit held at Manila Hotel on Mar. 5-6, 2015. FICTAP is the largest non-profit organization of cable television operators in the Philippines. Each year small to medium cable operators and networks join this exhibit to showcase their new cable offerings in Philippine television. While normally, booth exhibitors pull out their gimmicks to attract visitors every year, apart from the pick a prize contests, free coffees and cupcakes, I particularly took notice of CNN Philippines’ interactive Photobooth.

I’m a big fan of CNN, and it’s good to know that that they already their own franchise here in the Philippines. I’m familiar with some of their anchors particularly Boys Night Out, Mico Halili, Cesca Litton, Pia Hontiveros, and Bogart. It’s nice how they incorporated their talents into the interactive photobooth activity because you can take a picture with them. Okay… They aren’t actually at the event but you get to take a picture with their virtual versions. What’s cool about their Photobooth is that you can take photos by yourself without any assistance.

This was made possible via their motion sensors. It was as simple as waving my hand and using it as a controller. When I step into the booth, I was given a choice of CNN reporters who I want to take a photo with. Here’s one of the attendees taking her shot with Bogart the Explorer.

The cool part was that not only did I get to control how my photos are taken, I was managing the controls without pressing our touching on anything! The virtual CNN reporters were adjusting themselves to get the best and realistic picture possible. The experience was unique and the photos look so real that I got hooked up at the photo booth for a while and posed with the other CNN reporters. By the time I was done, there was already a long queue of people waiting for their turn. Judging by their smiling faces, they seemed to having a great time too!

There were a lot of unique ideas that day but the CNN interactive photobooth was the best feature in the FICTAP exhibit. It’s not only because it’s a new kind of a photobooth experience-it’s more of you get to take charge of your photos and have fun with it. It’s the first time I encountered that kind of photobooth, and I learned that it was from this group called Waveplay Interactive. I checked out their site and I saw that they have other services too which are also as engaging as the photobooth I just had fun with. Looks like this group is pretty active in providing uniquely cool services like motion sensor games-they’re definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for ways to spice up a special occasion, just like what CNN Philippines did.

My only request the next time CNN puts up this kind of photobooth, Anderson Cooper will be in it!


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