Canadian Mobile Phone Bills Are Among The Most Expensive In The World

To have one is a necessity in the modern world, having a mobile phone keeps everything fast and most especially because of its one major advantages —it is handy. Through the use of mobile phones you can also keep in touch with your loved ones whether near or far so as long as you have a network to support it. Even people with speaking disabilities can use the benefit of communicating through text messaging. You can also take a photo, watch video clips, GPS, listen to music, access the internet, and the list goes on.

As mentioned from above, a mobile phone still cannot function without a mobile network. Mobile network by definition employs the use of radio frequencies that can be used simultaneously. In other terms; it gives the mobile phone a signal and it’s what makes it operate.

But did you know that the most expensive mobile phone bills are in Canada? According to the recent survey; Germany has  $18/month for the basic mobile phone accessibility, in France you can get $20/month for unlimited calls in Europe and at the United States of America, Hong Kong at $10  for unlimited data and Canada’s basic will tab at $40/month.

3 of the largest telecommunication companies in Canada are: Bell, Rogers, and Telus. Reason for this is simply —because these companies can!  Even promo plans from these three big guns offer 12GB data for a whooping $130/month.

This is one of the most shocking things about Canada:

“Have just ordered my Canadian phone and contract. What’s up with your mobile phone contracts Canada?! It’s 2.5 the cost of mine here!” –Dr. Vicky Forster (@vickyyyf)

“Let me get this straight for $15 I get 100GB of cell phone data as a tourist in Singapore?? That would cost me more than my rent in Canada!” -Stephane Boisvert (@stephBoisvert)


“This few weeks I’ve learned how insanely expensive are mobile data plans in Canada. And I thought AR was bad.” –Leandro Ucciferri (@leandrotx)

But if you are on a tight budget, the cheapest places in Canada to subscribe a mobile network are from: Sasktel, Quebec that has Videotron and Manitoba has MTS.


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