Auto Care: What your car needs

Tip #1 Cleaning

Every car needs a good wash once every so often. I am talking about a thorough clean, from the exterior, interior, an under wash and not forgetting the engine. Although every vehicle has contingencies of its own to deal with dust, you would benefit from cleaning off dust as it will give the vehicle’s filters some more running time.

Tip #2 Oil change

Changing the oil in your automotive, as per the service manual of your vehicle, is essential. Engine oil does more than just lubricate the engine pistons. It has additives that cool the engine and prevent it from rusting. Over time these additives are depleted and hence an oil change is needed. Furthermore, dirty oil strains the engine oil filter and at some point the dust particles will pass through and interfere with transmission. If you car needs an oil change and you have no clue where to start, make a call to one of the Abbotsford car repair services shops near you for assistance.

Tip #3 Vital fluids

Your vehicle is always in need of power ‘juices’ for transmission. These include fuel, break fluids, engine coolant and engine oil. Always be keen to note the warnings your vehicle gives you when they fall below the required level. It also doesn’t hurt to be proactive and topping up the essential fluids regularly.

Auto Care: What your car needsTip #4 Tyres

There are several DIY tasks that you can do to your tires like checking tire pressure and rotating all the tires regularly. A well inflated tire keeps your safe and reduces the risk of getting a flat. Rotating the wheels also keeps the car in balance because front and rear tires do not wear at the same rate.

Tip #5 Power supply

Always watch out for warnings concerning your car battery. A low charged battery will not conjure up the power needed to start the engine. The problem could be either the battery is running low on water or it has outlived its useful life and requires replacement.

Tip #6 Safety Equipment

Although engine fires are uncommon, it is prudent to have a working fire extinguisher in the trunk. You would wouldn’t want to see your car burst into flames right before your eyes and you cant do anything about it.

Tip #7 Liability insurance

Caring for your automotive also involves taking an insurance cover for your car. This ensures any liability and damage to the car will be resolved conveniently.

Tip #8 LubricationAuto Care: What your car needs

Lubrication of all the moving parts of any vehicle is essential. This is not limited to door hinges, wheel ball bearings, the steering wheel and the gears.

Tip #9 Filter replacements

Filter will always need replacing every so often especially if your reside in a dusty area. Clogged filters will allow dirt into the engine or restrict free flow of fuel. Abbotsford car repair services shops can help in the installation of new ones.

Tip #10 Servicing

Finally and most importantly, follow the service manual of your vehicle. Servicing covers a broad range of activities like wheel alignment and oil changes. A visit to one of Abbotsford car repair shops will give your car the grooming it requires for it to run that extra mile. It’s a give and take world.

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