Are you suffering from TMS (Too Much Stuff)? Then Get Storage in North York!

Storage in North York is perfect for hoarders hoarding household goods and is a good way to divert space to avoid cluttering your home, providing convenient locations and 24/7 temperature controlled affordable units.

Do you suffer from the pain and guilt of TMS? Do you have Too Much Stuff? TMS used to be referred to as hoarding, but is now classified as a disease. Canadians are encouraged to declare themselves as victims of TMS and come out of the closet (and actually be able to use your closet again) by addressing their condition without shame.

Have you tried to get rid of that pile of old magazines, only to rush back out to the trash knowing there are photos and articles you may need later? Have you thought you could simply recycle the wine bottles, only to realize they will be valuable for storing water? If so, you know the doctor can’t prescribe anything to help. Buy some more wine and consider this two step process to release yourself from TMS.

Step One: Admit it. You could see a psychologist, but we suggest you do it yourself. Cold turkey is an option for those who just need storage in North York to kick the habit. But you do need professional help, so call a storage facility, such as and say “Hello, My name is ______ and I have TMS.”

Step Two: Move the stuff. Now that you know you aren’t getting rid of anything, you can turn the move into an aerobic activity. Involve the whole family. Beware that avalanches of books can cause injury, so please use caution. Also beware that all this great crap in your home is breeding with the items nearby, so you may need to stay alert to any alarming revelations buried under the old suitcases.

That’s it! By following this two step process you will free yourself from TMS — it will just be in storage in North York.

Handy tip: Use boxes! Facilities such as Centron Self-storage have great deals on boxes. You can buy extra and store them because you will need them. There is no real cure for TMS, but admitting it and storing things outside the home will help.

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