An Awesome Show of Interactive Technology in the Philippines

Interactive Technology in the Philippines
High angle view of an artist drawing something on graphic tablet at the office

Virtual reality in the Philippines is really becoming more and more popular. You hardly see any marketing event, product launching, and the like that does not have a segment that showcases how fun and awesome interactive technology is.

Interactive technology, such as augmented reality in the Philippines and virtual reality, are rising innovative must haves for many marketers to hypes up their events. The technologies integrate the real world into the virtual world, making it look seamless while injecting interactive fun. Here are 2 good examples of using interactive technology for event enhancements in the Philippines– one was created by Waveplay Interactive during Cloudfone’s launch and another is a sample interactive photobooth in the Philippines— Hole in the Wall Photobooth featuring URC’s Magic Flakes brand.

On the video (Cloudfone), you can see how the ‘heads’ of the event goers interact with the bodies on the screen. Though animated and caricatured, you can still see a seamless integration of the real world elements (the heads) and of the virtual world’s (everything else you see on the screen).

So, if you have an upcoming event and you’re looking for creative event ideas, go for interactive technologies such as interactive photobooths, augmented reality, and virtual reality in the Philippines. Why be the same with everybody else when you can set yourself apart from the competition and be on top?

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