A Look at Some of the Many Uses of Firewood

Over the past century, people have been shifting from firewood to other forms of fuel to make fire. Instead of burning wood to cook and keep ourselves warm, we have turned to heaters and stoves. These days, people use firewood in Toronto only for special occasions. There’s a misconception about burning firewood and how it can affect our environment. But the truth is, using firewood can actually be an environment friendly and renewable form of energy source.

Here are some ways that you can use firewood.


Using firewood is an efficient way to cook your food. It’s cheap, makes a good amount of heat, and it’s more environmentally friendly. Using wood can also give your food a wonderful aroma and smoky taste. When cooking with firewood, try to use hardwood since these burns hotter and slower. You get the most use out of it and you can use it again if a part of the wood didn’t burn out. Also, make sure the wood you’re using to cook is not tainted with chemicals. Look for natural, well-seasoned or dried firewood.


Since hardwood burns slowly and produces a lot of heat, it’s an ideal source of fuel to use when you want to keep your home warm during the colder months. Think of log cabins and their beautiful wood-burning chimneys. The biggest benefit to using firewood as a heat source is the savings. It’s very inexpensive compared to gas and electric powered heaters. Aside from its esthetic beauty, burning firewood for heat releases little pollutants back into the environment.

Pit Fuel

When camping, you often need to make a fire pit where you can cook and keep warm. The pit also provides light when it’s already dark out. When making a fire pit, or even a small bonfire, it’s best to use hard firewood instead just gathering wood from your surrounding and burning it. A fire using firewood is easier to get started and it last longer. You won’t need to venture off the woods just to get more wood for your fire.

Bonfire Fuel

bonfire can be a really memorable highlight in any event. Whether it’s a memorable wedding in the middle of a field or a pep rally gathering, you’d want to get wood that burns long and slow. Using firewood for bonfires can also make it easier to manage. Since the pieces of wood are big and uniform in size, you can add or take out wood as needed.For bonfires, you’re going to need a lot of firewood. Thankfully you can get what’s called a face cord, a unit used to measure firewood, when buying firewood in Toronto.

Reuse Ash

After the firewood buns out, you get ash. Most people just discard this, but there are a number of things that you can use firewood as for. Use it as an odor absorber for pets, pond algae control, glass cleaner, garden pests blocker, metal polish, even as a fertilizer for tomatoes. Keep the ash to one side or sweep it up and place it in a container for future use.


Before buying firewood in Toronto, make sure that the company gets the right kind of wood and that they ethically harvest these. When firewood is collected from sustainable forestry, it’s actually a form of renewable and safe energy source. Responsible logging can give us a constant supply of wood. Deforestation has severely affected the world, but this is because people have been taking down too many trees and not replacing them with new ones.When we chop trees for firewood, new trees need to replace them. Wood regenerates and we can continue to harvest it as long as we give it time to grow and only take trees that are mature enough to be harvested.

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