5 Tips for SEO in Ajax to Boost Your Search Rankings


Many webmasters avoid using Ajax applications, fearing it will hurt their rankings. By following these tips for SEO in Ajax, however, you’ll create a more search engine-friendly site

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is a set of guidelines used to develop web-based applications. Using a client-side script, it allows for the exchange of data between a server and client without refreshing the entire page. While it promotes faster response times, it may hinder your ability to achieve a top search ranking. So, if you want to climb the search rankings, check out the following tips from experts of SEO in Ajax.

#1) Allow Search Engines to Crawl Javascript

Check your site’s robots.txt file to ensure that search engines are allowed to crawl JavaScript content. If they can’t access your JavaScript, they won’t be able to see your content, which can lead to problems.

#2) Use Pagination for Infinite Scrolling

Infinite scrolling is a common feature found in many Ajax websites. As the name suggests, it allows visitors to scroll down on a page without reaching an end. Because search engines have trouble crawling it, however, you should implement pagination when using infinite scrolling.

#3) Avoid Using Escaped Fragment URLs

When speaking about Ajax, Google Search Quality Analyst Kazushi Nagayama said webmasters should avoid using the query parameter “_escaped_fragment_” for URLs. Instead, he recommends using “#!” for URLs.

#4) Use Google’s Fetch as Tool

Use Google’s Fetch As tool to see what your website looks like from Google’s perspective. If Google cannot crawl or otherwise access a page, this tool will let you know. You can access the Fetch As tool from your Webmaster Tools account.

#5) Follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines

Lastly, familiarize yourself with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. It reveals some of the best practices to ensure Google can “find your pages,” such as ensuring all of your pages can be reached through internal links, and properly managing your robots.txt file to prevent crawling of infinite pages.

These are just a few SEO in Ajax tips to help you achieve higher rankings.

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