5 Surprising Non-Dental Medical Issues Dentists Might Discover

5 Surprising Non-Dental Medical Issues Dentists Might Discover

Your oral health says a lot about your overall health, and your dentist might be the first person to determine the early warning signs of certain diseases. Symptoms that can be found in the teeth and gums can indicate diseases that could be life threatening if not taken care of.

The following non-dental issues may prompt your dentist to urge you to visit your primary care physician for a closer look.

1. Diabetes

5 Surprising Non-Dental Medical Issues Dentists Might Discover

Loose teeth, dry mouth, and receding and bleeding gums are oral symptoms that point to the possibility of diabetes. These signs can also appear in patients with low levels of immunity. Those with diabetes are less likely able to fight these off due to the wounds and gum infections that these oral problems bring. Bleeding gums can also be caused by gingivitis.

2, Infections



Any sign of infection in the mouth will drive dentists to prescribe antibiotics to fight the problem as these are common after dental procedures. Severe pain, swelling, redness around the affected area, and a fever are signs that an infection might be spreading to the rest of the body.

3. Oral Cancer

Red or white lesions on the floor of the mouth, palate, or the tongue are symptoms that commonly appear in people who have or are developing oral cancer. Visiting your dentist regularly will allow your dental care provider to catch it early on. This can help decrease chances of the disease developing any further. Lifestyle choices like heavy drinking, smoking, and activities that increase exposure to HPV can raise the chance of a patient developing oral cancer.

4. HIV

Indications of HIV can be found from oral screenings done by dentists. Adults with HIV show signs like oral warts, lesions, white, red, brown, or purple spots on the tongue and in the mouth, aside from other oral infections. In some studies, “necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis or periodontitis occurs in up to two to six percent of HIV-positive adult patients.” Although these symptoms do not automatically mean that a patient has HIV, a dentist will recommend a blood test with a primary care physician.

5. Osteoporosis

5 Surprising Non-Dental Medical Issues Dentists Might Discover

Osteoporosis is common in premenopausal women, with loose teeth and a receding gum line indicating the shifts in the bones that support the teeth. A bone density test from a primary care physician will be recommended by a dentist once these symptoms are spotted.

Symptoms of these diseases are not something you should take lightly. Take a trip to the nearest dental clinic for a consultation. If you don’t have a regular dentist, check an online directory. Whether you need to locate a dentist in Bowmanville, Aurora, or Vaughn, a directory will help you find a dental healthcare provider wherever you are

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