5 amazing advantages of having a Kia car

Kia cars are known for their sleek and modern style, affordable maintenance, and high-end durability. They are a top choice for almost every person who wants a car that they can use for a long time, at a rather affordable purchase price. So yes, if you are looking for a car name that stands out for its value for money, then this is the name to get.

But what exactly are the amazing advantages of having a Kia car? Well, if you happen to be planning to get a car and are living in Portland, then visiting the Broadway Kia dealership can show you these wonderful perks:

  • Brand new car specials. Kia cars fall under the middle price range-they’re not as expensive as the Lexus but not as cheap. However, at a dealership you can come across various special offers on brand new units, including models such as Rio, Sorento, Optima Hybrid, and Soul. With these offers, you can easily own a car without the need to shell out a big amount of cash.
  • Used car specials. Meanwhile, if you are running under a limited budget but would still like to own a car, then dropping by Broadway Kia can be a good thing to do. The dealership also has special offers on used Kia units, and there’s a big chance that you get to own a pre-loved sedan or SUV of your choice at the right price and payment terms.
  • Service specials. There are also service specials that you can avail, especially when you already have a Kia car under your wing. These include priority maintenance service, scheduled service, and discounted service fees depending on your unit and payment terms.
  • Other financing specials. In a dealership like that of Broadway Kia, you also get to enjoy comfortable financing terms. These include rebates for college graduates, or seasonal payment terms, and also financial packages for buyers with low credit.
  • Outstanding durability. There’s only one thing current Kia owners can say about this brand-it’s for keeps. Kia cars can stand all types of drivers stay durable throughout the years, and this had been supported by a stringent service system offered by dealerships such as Broadway Kia. So if you want a car that supports all your driving needs for the long-term, then this is the brand to look for.

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