4 Common Equestrian Injuries

4 Common Equestrian Injuries

Horse riding activities result in injuries mainly due to falls and overtraining. The excessive use of certain muscles without proper rest in between causes several equestrian injuries. Below are just some of the countless injuries that equestrian face when training.

4 Common Equestrian Injuries


A cramp is a spontaneous or involuntary electrical activity of a large number of skeletal muscle fibers. These muscle spasms develop into painful and sustained contractions. There are two types of cramps: Exercise-Associated Muscle Cramps (EAMC) and Nocturnal Cramps.

Equestrians typically suffer the former. This is due to the overuse of the affected muscles utilized in the sport, as it reduces fibre lengthening every time it contracts. Luckily, treatment and medication for muscle spasms and cramps are readily available.

Posterior Ankle Impingement

This is an injury with which the individual experiences pain at the back of the ankle. This is due to the compression of the soft tissue structures (or sometimes bone) which are involved in maximal ankle plantarflexion motion. These tissues then get damaged and induce pain on the individual when the compressive forces are too repetitive or forceful.

Symptoms of this injury also include pain at the ankle area immediately after activities that utilize the tissues in the ankle area or even when at rest. Treatment for posterior ankle impingement can range from painkillers and basic physiotherapy to surgery (for serious cases).

4 Common Equestrian Injuries

Tibialis Posterior Tendinopathy

The tibialis posterior is a tendon that runs behind the ankle bone (medial malleolus) all the way to the inside of the lower leg. Its number one job is to support both the foot arch and the ankle. An equestrian injury occurs when excessive weight is loaded on the tendon and when excessive calf raises are performed by the individual. Overtraining and intense jumping and running can also increase the chances of developing this injury. Doctors can treat this with electrotherapy, sports massage, and pain medication.

Muscle Strain or Myalgia

4 Common Equestrian Injuries

Muscle strain or myalgia most commonly develops due to overstretching. Another term for this injury is pulled muscle or muscle tear. Muscle tears when they are overloaded. An overdose of exercise, like in some cases of equestrian training, can cause this injury. The overuse of upper and lower limb muscles from this training, which manifests in muscle tightness, bruising, weakness and the inability to fully stretch the injured area are the common causes and symptoms of this injury.

However, just as equestrians get injuries from training, horses can acquire them, as well. Fortunately, there are remedies and medicines that can alleviate your horse’s problems. Equine extreme offers products that help horses heal from their injuries.

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