360 Selfie with the Best Augmented Reality in the Philippines

Young attracttive couple taking selfies in bed
View of a Young attracttive couple taking selfies in bed

At any corporate event, photo ops are never far from anyone. In fact, we take a lot of selfies with almost everyone we meet and greet at a moment that we tend to occupy majority of our phone’s memory with them. But what if there is a way for us to make selfies more memorable than they already are?

For your biggest events, why not have the newest selfie sensation – the 360° selfie? This awesome new way of capturing a moment allows you to go full circle and really get into the moment and immortalize it. From all angles, take a wacky, beautiful, creative and what have you kind of photo of your guests! Plus, you can even customize the frame and add your company logo and other visuals using the best augmented reality in the Philippines. This a huge leap forward from the usual virtual reality in the Philippines. Even some interactive photobooth in the Philippines won’t feel the same as this experience.

The concept of this is revolved around, well, a revolving camera that takes the moment in 360°, capturing every angle, movement, expression and memory and converting it into an uploadable file in social media.

During Grips Wax’s launching of Enrique Gil as their new Grips Hair Wax ambassador, they tapped Waveplay Interactive and showcased this new technology. (Click play below and see for yourself)

There you go! Wouldn’t you want to have this at your event and let your guests be one fo the first witnesses to experience this awesome technology converging the mesmerizing power of augmented reality in the Philippines? Check out Waveplay Interactive for more details on this. Trust us – you won’t regret it!

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