3 Ways to Make Your Portable Trade Show Booth Thornhill Stand Out

When given such small space to sell your wares, it is very important to make your portable trade show booth Thornhill stand out. Here are five ways to make yours memorable.

When doing trade shows, standing out and making your booth noticeable is very important to your success at shows. There are several ways that you can create a visual affect that makes your space look larger, and stand out more than other booths in the area.

  1. Use Height to Appear Taller

Create height in your portable trade show booth in Thornhill by using boxes or shelving on your table top so that you have layers of height to appeal to every eye level. This will also give you more space overall to put things, so you can take more to sell or handout.

  1. Use a Strong, Consistent Color

Most of the time, everyone assumes that because white is bright it’s the best color to use. When looking for visibility at a trade show, you need to set yourself apart so that you’ll be recognized. Use a strong, eye-popping color like red or black to accentuate your booth. Use this same color in your booth settings, presentation boards, and advertising.

  1. Keep the Same/Similar Items Together

To ensure your trade show booths will really standout, make sure that you’re laying out your product or information that makes sense. Don’t cluster all informational items close to your register or at the end of the space. Spread it out so that it’s accessible all throughout your space. Don’t sprinkle items all over in hopes that someone will pick one up with something else, either. It is confusing to a buyer, and visually, it looks messy and hard to understand.

Overall, following these three easy steps when you set up your trade show booth in Thornhill will help you have a more visually stunning booth. This will set you apart from other booths in the area, and create a memorable presence to those that stopped by. Combine these steps with a professional personal appearance, and your trade show should be a success.

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