2018 Home Interior Colour Trends

2018 Home Interior Colour Trends4

Forecasts for colour trends offer great insight into how the feelings people have about the world influence their aesthetic preferences in terms of design and decor. The trends paint companies predict often go hand in hand with the state of the economy at that time. Bright, dramatic colours are more popular during years when the economy is strong and confident; but at the other end of the spectrum, when the global economic landscape is less stable, subdued colours are preferred as they offer some level of security and certainty.

2018 Home Interior Colour Trends

Major paint manufacturers are united in their predictions of purple hues dominating 2017. However, this year’s choices for Colour of the Year is more diverse than it has ever been; and it speaks volumes about the atmosphere of this year. It could be because it is a time of confusion, borne from the onslaught of anxiety over the daily news and current events. Next year’s predictions, however, may just be a turning point for homeowners.

Enduring Appeal

  • Caliente – Some manufacturers this year are going for a new, assertive spice-red colour called Caliente. Red tends to have constantly fluctuating levels of popularity. The boldness of its colour is widely appealing in times that call for an exciting hue in contrast to the comforting shades of pastels.
  • Flashy Colors – Statement decor has, for some time now, been presented at furniture fairs in Europe as sparkly, gaudy and showy materials that are leading the industry in fashion and decoration style. Velvets reflect this warmth and flamboyance, as well as gold and other metals used on faucets and other fixtures.

2018 Home Interior Colour Trends

Trends Around the World

  • Black Flame – Porter Paints and Glidden Professional (PPG), a widely diverse conglomerate that covers a great range in the industrial, automotive, electronics, and decor industries has switched from the earlier year’s violets and purples to Black Flame. This is a colour deeper than black with a hint of indigo tones.
  • Cast Iron – Other paint manufacturers, stick to their guns. Sico, for example, has chosen the near-black Cast Iron as its colour of the year.
  • Green Peace – Beautitone prefers the softer yellow-green colour named Green Peace. This further emphasises the sizable gap between the choices for next year’s colour trends.

Versatility and variety are the focal points of the upcoming year’s palette. Whether you go for a more serene and comfortable hue or a boldly defiant one, the dramatic noise of the outside world makes changing your style quite the trend.

2018 Home Interior Colour Trends

Contemporary Life

Modern life is a weird mix of extremes, but in the best sense of the word. Sherwin-Williams Paints predicts three colour palettes that represent exactly that: the aura of a time of progress. Inspired by the cumulative culture of the present day, these palettes — Affinity, Sincerity, and Connectivity — each bring a unique blend of style and substance that is sure to liven up the coming year.

  • Affinity – Lax, but not lacking in any fun, it presents itself as a good getaway. Made with neutral browns and a combination of vibrant hues of pink and blue, this palette celebrates the relationship between people and nature. Decorate your home with a calm brown with vivid blue and bright fuchsia to bring Affinity to the home.
  • Sincerity – This palette brings in a minimalist aesthetic; but instead of giving off that feeling of emptiness, it embraces instead the fluidity of colour that’s rich with possibilities. Sincerity leaves behind the structured look of rigid lines and stark light and dark colours and replaces them with browns, greens, and grays that complement each other. It encourages homeowners to veer away from strictly traditional palettes and to explore a wide range of colours and shades.
  • Connectivity – Taking ideas from breakthroughs in technology, Connectivity is a modern palette filled with dark tones of blue balanced with warm yellows and bright purples. It’s a playful blend that infuses hues inspired by technology, combined with the much-needed warmth of gray and cream colours.2018 Home Interior Colour Trends

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